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Diabetes UK


A UI/UX project for Diabetes UK to keep users engaged within the recipe section of their website and the site as a whole.

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Diabetes UK website

Project Outline

To identify high traffic areas of the Diabetes UK website, improving those user journeys and driving increases in revenue from key audiences. It soon became clear that the 'biggest hitter' on the site was the recipes section. By identifying weaknesses in site navigation, recipe searching and filtering, further research led to a whole host of functionality improvements.

Diabetes UK website

Key Objectives

  • Give users more reasons to trust recipes on the website (e.g. showing medical authority and outlining other USPs).
  • More repeat visits.
  • Decrease the bounce rate.
  • Increase in engagement with recipe pages.
  • Increase in click-through rates via search engines for recipes (helped by reviews and ratings).
  • Show better perception of recipes through reviews and encourage feedback.


  • Improved recipe landing page with new functionality for: quickview, recipe comparisons, recipe saving and ingredients purchasing.
  • New recipe template with ability to show videos of people making recipes.
  • Improved sorting, search and filtering of recipes on landing page.
  • USPs of recipes i.e. medically endorsed recipes, tailored for people living with diabetes.
  • Succinct recipe descriptions e.g. time to make, number served, nutrition, difficulty rating.
  • Dietary labels as well as icons to aid understanding.
  • Recipe reviews and star ratings via 'Enjoy Food'.
  • Curated recipe collections to aid navigation and filtering.
  • Related recipes and articles to extend user journeys.
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Diabetes UK website
Diabetes UK website

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